Pranayama & Meditation

Meditation is an experience that arises from a relaxed and focused mind. While meditation can be practiced in many different ways, it isn’t a technique that can be taught. The practice of pranayama is a necessary preparation to create this experience. Our breath is the physical manifestation of our life force. Controlling our breath through Pranayama is a way to control our life currents and achieve a higher state of awareness. According to Patanjali, Pranayama is the 4th step in the classical 8-fold path of Asthanga yoga. Mind and breath are closely linked, and if we work deeply with the breath we can change the quality of mind and awaken the stillness that opens the door to this meditative experience. Our workshop focuses on using a range of breathing techniques to develop this awareness and control of breath, leading us effortlessly towards the experience of meditation.

Morning Meditations
Discover the peace within every Saturday at 7:15 am in our morning meditations sessions where everyone is welcome to walk-in.

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