Lifespan Diabetes & Metabolic Clinic

Your body functions as a result of well-defined processes dictated by your DNA. Being diagnosed with Diabetes is one of the most life-altering moments you experience. Living with Diabetes is much more than avoiding certain food groups and taking the right medications. It takes emotional strength to tide over the drastic lifestyle changes that it brings in. One of the most effective ways to control Diabetes is to understand how your body functions and manage its processes. In collaboration with Lifespan Diabetes And Metabolic Clinic, Retrofit brings to Vadodara a definitive method to keep your blood sugar levels in check without losing the sweet side of life. With the unique R.I.S.C. Test, a year-long treatment plan that’s advanced, organised and provides comprehensive care, it gives you everything you need to manage diabetes under one roof.
  • Unique R.I.S.C. Test
  • A year-long treatment plan
  • Comprehensive Care Under One Roof

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