Hair Transplant Clinic

From heredity to everyday anxiety, hair loss or alopecia has many causes. Complete or partial, hair loss is sometimes related to some specific area of scalp or body. While totally changing your appearance, it often occurs untimely sometimes in the early twenties. Hair Transplant is an effective treatment that lasts a lifetime.

In the hair transplant procedure, skilled and highly experienced surgeons remove healthy hair follicles from permanent zone of donor area and then implant them very carefully over the bald area. A minor surgical procedure, it is natural, safe and with no side-effects.


Body Hair Transplant
A procedure designed to restore hair on the body such as chest and abdomen area.


Facial Hair Transplant
Facial hair at times grows in uneven patches. Restoring hair in areas where facial hair growth is thin or…
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Scalp Hair Transplant
Hair loss on the scalp is usually attributed to genetic causes and occurs as early as early twenties.
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Hair Replacement Surgery
With advances in technology we have now been successful in replacing lost hair through a process developed …

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